Doug Wood Bio:  

“Outstanding guest artists support Wood’s musical vision without compromising his clean, melody-driven guitar sound. Contemplative, and at times mesmerizing and relaxing,  without putting you to sleep.”

  • Ken Baker, Radio Kansas, producer of “Nightcrossings.”

• Doug’s song Cat Dance was featured during the Late Night Show With David Letterman.
• Doug toured with Eclectica, featuring 5X Grammy Winning drummer Roy “Futureman” Wooten and electric violinist Tracy Silverman .
• Doug has performed opening sets for artists like Paula Cole, Beppe Gambetta, California Guitar Trio, Amy Mann, and G-Love and Special Sauce.
• Doug’s trio Cellocentric had a song and their album nominated for the Best Instrumental category by the international music association Just Plain Folks.
• Regular rotation on dozens of NPR stations, including regular features on the syndicated show Echoes.
• Nominated in the Best Acoustic Artist Category for Colorado Public Radio’s Annual Music Awards.
• Doug’s song Desert Song was nominated for the Best New Age Song category by the international music association Just Plain Folks.
• Featured on the PBS arts program Applause.
• Featured live on-air on NPR’s syndicated shows Echoes and River City Folk programs.
• Performed over 400 colleges shows, and won the Best Instrumentalist  Award.
(2017) New Title Album Soon

(2014) Cellocentric. Produced by Dale Peters, featuring Tara Hanish (Cello) and Darren Frate (bass), with guest Ben Lapps performing percussion on 2 songs.
(2006)  Dreamcatcher. Produced by Dale Peters, featuring Darren Frate (bass), and guest appearances by Tracy Silverman (violin), Jamey Haddad (percussion), Dale Peters (Percussion), Jen Erb (Vocals), and Dan Bode (Harmonica).
(2002)   Solace. Produced by Dale Peters, featuring Darren Frate (bass), and guest appearance by Chris Vandall (percussion).
(2000)  I Am Kiroc. Produced by Doug Wood, featuring Darren Frate (bass)

(1994) Kindred Spirit. (With the band Watts Gnu). Produced by Dale Peters and recorded by John Walsh, featuring Doug, Darren Frate, Brien Farley, and guest appearances by Jim Holzer (piano), Janice Fields (violin), and Michael J Graehling (percussion).